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Accurate Alloys, Inc. makes it easy to order perforated sheet metal. You can be an expert in ordering perforated metals in 5 steps:

How To Order

Tell Us The... Example
1) Quantity of Sheets You Are Ordering 5 sheets
2) Thickness 16 Gauge
3) Type of Metal / Material Steel
4) Perforated Pattern (Size, Shape, Arrangement) 1/8" round 3/16" centers
5) Sheet Size (Width & Length) 48" x 120"

Call us and we will assist you with additional terms, phrases, shearing, pieces, panels and specifications. Even if you do not have all the information we can assist you in selecting the correct perforated metal sheets. Accurate Alloys, Inc. owns and operate a fleet of trucks making same day delivery possible for off-the shelf products. Same day or next day shipments are standard for shipments by common carriers.

Custom and Specialty application ordering:

We welcome your special purpose orders. We can design custom sheets to your specifications from almost any type of metal. Custom perforated and some specialty applications often require additional information including:

  • Sketches and drawings
  • Margins and borders (unperforated areas)
    • 1, 2, 3 or all sides
    • Finished or unfinished margins (unfinished is often standard unless specified)
  • Slotted Holes
    • Oblong or rectangular holes
    • Specify end or side stagger
    • Specify when way the slots run on the sheet (long way of slot parallel to width or length)
  • Cylinders and revolving screens
    • inside or outside diameters
    • specify dimension entering roll or length if standing on end after rolling
    • smooth side up on inside or outside
    • specify perforation arrangement if important
    • butt or lap joint
  • Hammermill Screen
    • Width
    • Outside length
    • Chord length
    • Flange dimension
    • Margins
    • Smooth side on inside or outside

We also make it easy to contact us with your order or inquiry:

  1. phone: 800-842-2222
  2. fax: 626-337-8393
  3. email: info@accuratealloys.com

Contact us today or use the contact form on our website for the best personal, professional, and courteous assistance.

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